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About Us

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About Juno

Creative Director

At the age of 18, Juno already knew his lifelong passion is in hairstyling.

To follow his dream, Juno took up a hairdressing course and was sent to Italy for 6 months training after completing his national service. He was so outstanding that he was chosen to be the educator for CHI Haircare System for Southeast Asia.

Juno began his professional career at REDS Salon at the age of 20 and quickly become a senior stylist. He then moved on to be Chief Instructor at The Scene and educated stylists in Perugia, Italy.

Juno competed in and won several international competitions, among them his Top 10 ranking in the DMS Hair Asia competition. Since then, Juno has been in hot demand by leading hair salons in Singapore.

Juno strongly believes in providing his customers the best quality and possessing the skills to achieve the best results. Customers kept returning to Juno because of his honest and frank hair suggestions as well as daring trendsetting hairstyles, with particular expertise with ombre, balayage c perm and hair cut.

About Artica By Juno

Helmed by Juno, the maestro in the industry. Under his lead, Artica has grown over the years, gaining reputation and recognition from our customers. Humbled by this and with the very same dedication and passion, Artica has evolved into a semi-private salon. Always believing that your hair should express the best of yourself, you can expect top notch services from Juno, from the moment you enter Artica till you leave. Every visit to Artica is made more meaningful. Every visit to Artica is made more personalised, like no other.


No fancy promises, no gimmicky selling; just a simple and honest desire to provide the best service for your hair.


Rest assured you are in safe hands; we pride ourselves on delivering the best skillsets to transform your image.


We emphasize communication and real understanding of your hair needs and concerns to conjure the style that your hair deserves.