Ann tan

5 oct 2016

I googled for hair salons that are good at colouring and Artica came up quite a few times. I read reviews about them, both good and bad and still I decided to give it a try. I'm not disappointed!

The staff were very friendly. They are a bit weak in English but proficient in Mandarin/Cantonese and I'm comfortable.

I asked for Juno and asked a ton of questions about colouring which he painstakingly and patiently answered all. He explained to me the differences between Balayage, Ombre and regular highlights. He also explained why bleaching is necessary for certain colours.

The hair colour came out really nicely on my hair and he even styled it for me! I was complimented on the hairdo when I met up with friends for dinner. Above all, I was pleasantly surprised with the Oct promotion and had a discount! I will recommend Artica to my friends and go back for colouring!


15 sep 2016

Juno was assisting with my hair cut when I enquired about options on hair straightening treatment. Some of the hair effects I'm hoping to see are natural looking straightened hair, softer look, healthier looking hair, easy to manage. He recommended Morocco Argon Oil Treatment which fits in my requirement. This treatment is expected to last for about 5-6 months. He allowed me to consider and make a separate appointment once a decision is made.

The treatment took about 3 hours and he checks back time to time with me on my comfort level. There are many parts of the service which I am thankful for: the recommended treatment, the care and concern during the treatment, the followups after the treatment.

One important point is, Juno does not hard sell and is confident in his products and services. With the treatment done, I will not need to use the heat from hair straightener on a daily basis, I can have more rest time since I require less preparation time. The best part is, the hair is so much more easier to manage and I do not need to worry how my hair will turn out after a day of activities!

Even my mum asked me "why does your hair look so soft nowadays?" XD

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